OPN® is a philosophy. A concept. It's not a business. It's a business lubricant.
And now Spring™ is here!

A bit like money itself, it facilitates trade; commerce; and collegiality.

Our story

OPN® is the spirit of collegial competition on a level playing field. For spirit, read philosophy.

OPN® introduces the players in the world of payments to each other with the absolute undertaking not to poach their product or inventiveness. OPN® is an ecosystem where members can compete or collaborate healthily and collegially with one another but never with the platform itself.

The Open®Payment Network has a single philosophy: the biggest and most diverse level playing field in the world for gateways; merchants; service providers; and acquirers. All through a single API.


OPN® has been born of Cardstream's® flexible, collegial, level playing field technology.

By sharing its network collaboratively and collegially, Cardstream® has created an eco-system of inclusivity and diversity that is diametrically opposite to the payment fortresses of a decade ago. Result: OPN®

Deploying an “abundance” mentality to the Fintech space, OPN® no longer has to look for Partner prospects. The tide has turned. Now, aspiring gateways and technology innovators come to OPN®, where they’re safe from being copied and undersold by us while thriving among like-minded peers.

OPN’s® “one click API” and “dare-to-share philosophy” has added a third leg: “there’s no need to poach!”

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Who We Are

We boost our members’ top line by optimising their growth strategies; marketing; pricing; and sales.

The Open®Payment Network happened a bit like a mushroom. Partners and members seem to pop up out of nowhere.

But in reality, they don’t. They grow in the right environment - and that’s how OPN® has come about.

Cardstream’s® rapidly expanding network of nextgen payment gateways; global acquirer integrations; and payment service providers to merchants has reached critical mass and created its own “life form”. It’s growing of its own accord as a go to place to work and be seen.

OPN's® Trust Policy

OPN's® Stance on Honour

We are aiming to do something together, otherwise we should not be bothering to talk.  If we have chosen carefully, there is no need to swap threatening documents.  If we are wrong, no amount of them will stop abuse.

We at OPN do not abuse our counterparties' trust because (a) we are decent; and (b) word would spread; our reputation would suffer; and nobody would trade with us.

We are neither precious nor boastful about our “secrets“; nor inquisitive about our trading partners'. We just want to be sure each other's products have empirical reliability. Disclosing more is rarely essential but if it has to happen and the privilege is abused, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

So shall we just get to know one another for a while – spitball; shoot the breeze; chitchat – Vegas Rules?  If we get along without heavy secrets, we can build our non-circumvention relationship from there. If we don't, we can just drift apart and check out some more fish. Does that seem reasonable?

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